About Us

Meacham Creek Mercantile was established in 2013.  We strive to offer a unique collection of clothing, hats and jewelry that become wardrobe favorites.   Unique is the key element to our collection.   Edgy, flattering, exclusive fashions is what sets us apart from the rest.   Meacham Creek is based in Bozeman, MT.  

Web  addresss:  MeachamCreek.com

 We want you to feel beautiful, unique and confident.  Self confidence and positive body image is so very important.  We are all "wonderfully unique individuals" that have great assets that should be accentuated.    Be proud of your physical attributes and strengths and show it off, BE PROUD!  Love yourself and express yourself through style.  Meacham Creek offers unique styles to help you find the perfect wardrobe pieces that let you express your uniqueness and spirit.  Express yourself ....get unique styles at a great price.   Shop   www.MeachamCreek.com now!